Sunday, November 7, 2010

Observations, in no particular order

Compiled whilst tracking about a mine site one moonless evening with a laptop and an intermittent connection...

-playing Scrabble can be more intense than watching footy. Especially if you use Scrabble's optional tackling rules
-doing IT means being happy with saying "Cool, it worked!" even though it totally shouldn't have.
-putting 'le' before any adjective makes the sentence sound French. Which is le weird.
-putting 'der,' 'die' or 'das' before the adjective just makes you sound angry, not German.
-IT is one of few jobs you 'do.' ("Me? I do IT.") Other jobs you're 'in' (the police), you 'practise' (doctoring), or 'am' ("I'm regular army'). The only other things you 'do' are drugs and time.
-Krispy Kreme: they're just donuts, people!
-Snoop Dogg has only one talent: dressing like a clown and looking sleazy behind white chicks in videos. Or is that two talents?
-since the election, I can't remember our government doing anything except not stop people smugglers and not fix bank collusion on interest rates. I tell a lie: they have also not stopped Japanese whaling.
-unlikely things I have laughed at lately: a flightless New Zealand parrot trying to mate with a zoologist's head, a giant zit getting squeezed ("Ew, it's like a brain!"), two inattentive girls almost leaving their heads behind when the roller coaster started ("Hey, why's that voice counting down?"), a joke about an eewee.
-Safri Duo: Played Alive. Hit this thing and tell me it doesn't make you wanna dance like an idiot.
-I think the wrestling is fake
-but you still wouldn't get me in the ring with a four hundred pound bloke in tights and makeup
-there is no such thing as Karma. The universe is NOT keeping score. Nor should we.
-things that have not made me laugh: Adam Sandler's latest film, two Avatar sequels, the Tea Party, any Adam Sandler film, not taking my camera out of the pocket before I washed my jacket.
-things that will make me buy Pentax again: the camera still worked.
-although the pictures looked a bit <drum roll> washed out.
-dancing to Safri Duo: Played Alive next to a lit building on a dark minesite means several dozen truckies, dirt bosses and drillers for an audience
-you can get an entire blog entry up in the time it takes a Cisco 3750 switch to reboot. Unless you go on too lo

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